Fort Worth Media Rooms
Media Rooms in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Denton, Wise, Parker & Johnson Counties

Planning media rooms in Fort Worth is not that hard with the right planning, with careful considerations a home theater can be one of the best enrichments to your way of life. Home theaters are great for movie night, super bowl parties, or battling it out on X-Box. Other than the kitchen you would probably spend just as much time in your media room. One thing to remember in planning your media/theater room is the components may cost more than the rest of the project put together.

In the beginning Clear Creek Home Improvements will sit down with you in Southlake and plan your space and what your objectives are. What exactly do you want to accomplish with your media room in Keller? Is it going to be a dedicated space for home theater in Hurst? Maybe it is going to have multiple uses in Grapevine.

The next item on the agenda is the size and location of your of your screen. We would need to check with THX Ltd. and SMPTE. They would have all of the specifications that we would need on this topic. It is always a plus to get this part of the process right the first time. Once we get rolling it is very hard to fix.

Have you ever watched a movie with horrible sound? It does not matter how good the picture is, if the sound is off then the picture is not enjoyable. This is where you have to think about acoustics. Sound proofing, do the walls need to be insulated or some type of decorative insulating panel on the wall. Also the type of furniture you put in has an effect as well.

This is my favorite part of the process, helping you pick out your components. There have been so many improvements over the years. My boss 16 years ago bought a flat screen TV for 19,000.00 and now the screen is 500.00. That will give some room in the pocket book. Audio versus video costs have not changed as much and have held consistent in its cost to performance ratio. Getting all of your equipment to match up is where we come in.

So give Clear Creek Media Rooms in Fort Worth a call and lets us help in the design of your new media / theater room.